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Established in 1981 by entrepreneur John Honigschmidt, Fredericksburg Fudge confections are all natural with no preservatives, additives or fillers -- just great tasting fudge.  "Our fudges and chocolates are made the old-fashioned way -- all hand-made from scratch," says Honigschmidt.  

A native of Minneapolis, MN, John moved to the hill country of Texas in 1981 and fell in love with the area.  Originally planning to open a roller skating rink near Austin, that plan fell through due to skyrocketing interest rates.  Then one day, John saw an ad in a magazine urging readers to "open your own fudge store."  Intrigued by the unusual idea, John sought out an Illinois candy maker he had been referred to.  The man agreed to teach John because he felt the distance between Texas and Illinois would avoid any competition.  After studying in Illinois for some time, John mastered the necessary chemistry skills for making candy and adapted formulas to create his now-famous, creamy Fredericksburg Fudge.  

John opened Fredericksburg Fudge at 145 E. Main in September of 1981 with a staff of two full-time and two part-time employees.  In a short four years, his operation had out-grown the downtown store, so he moved the candy-making segment of Fredericksburg Fudge to a new candy kitchen right off Hwy. 290 at the City Industrial Park in October of 1985 where over 60 different products are prepared that make up 225 different items.

John saw not only great growth in his Fredericksburg Fudge business but loved what he did, stating "In addition to our growth, we have a good time doing what we do.  I love this kind of work.  If I were selling something else, I'm not sure I would be as happy doing it. One of the nice things about being in the candy-making business is the effect it has on our customers.  By nature, there's nothing gloomy about candy.  When people walk out of our store, they have a smile on their faces, and that keeps us smiling, too!".

In March of 2017, the company experienced the loss of John Honigschmidt after a brief battle with cancer.  However, the business has been kept in the family and we continue to use the same formulas and maintain the same standards of excellence John did.  "We delight in preserving his memory and continuing in the traditions he established over 35 years ago," says Laura LaSala, John's wife of 24 years.  "His staff has been wonderful and we haven't missed a beat in continuing the production of John's wonderful candies and fudges."  Fredericksburg Fudge continues to grow and work from our candy kitchen at 178 Industrial Loop as well as serve the public and visitors to this quaint German community through our retail store on Main Street in downtown Fredericksburg.